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Kel Mitchell & Kenan Thompson Reunite In ‘SNL’ Sketch Where Keke Palmer Pitches A Dramatic Reboot Of ‘Kenan & Kel’

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunited on the set of Saturday Night Live this week, during a sketch where host Keke Palmer was pitching a reboot of a the pair’s 90s sitcom.

“I had already sold the show before I even met Kenan,” Palmer laughed. “I told the producers we wrote it together.”

The reboot, dubbed Kenan and Kelly, featured Thompson still working at Rigby’s. Palmer took on a female version of Mitchell’s character, wreaking havoc in the convenience store. The skit took a dramatic turn when Palmer’s Kelly revealed she was pregnant with Kenan’s baby.

“Keke was gunning for an Emmy award,” Thompson said in a fake confessional, explaining that she’d wanted to make the reboot even more dramatic for that reason.

As the skit came to an end, Devon Walker performed an impression of Kel’s famous Good Burger quote — but Thompson quickly shut him down. “I think we already found someone,” Thompson said.

Cue Mitchell, who walked through the door and began to catch up with Thompson only to be shot by a robber who was attempting a heist in Rigby’s. Palmer fell to the floor as Mitchell bled out, revealing in another bizarre twist that her baby was actually his.

The scene cut to Thompson in another confessional, and he admitted, “The show is not good, but Jordan Peele called us.” Mitchell added: “He wants us to do a sequel to Nope.

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